Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Phonogram Cards

I have used almost every reading tool, game, and book out there with my wonderful children. The kids are dyslexic and I have kept searching for the perfect solution. Hours and hours we have spent trying the best new program out there.

The Riggs Institute offered me one of those programs. Their stuff is a tad expensive but I believe their program is solid. I agree with their approach. I think that the research is solid.

What I didn't love was that it is another phonogram set. It is hard for some young ones to have the skills to write the letter the way the program requires. It is another intense program. It isn't a quick fix, by any stretch of the means. I used the cards in a very simple manner, and they worked for us.

What I love about these cards is that they teach handwriting while they teach the sounds. I think this is so important. It really does help the dyslexic learning. It is a great way to help the child "touch" the letters. It is so important for some of these kiddos to connect the physical action with the sounds. Children leave these cards with beautiful handwriting.

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  1. I have used the Riggs phonogram cards for 18 years and they are great! I don't require young children to write the phonograms because their printing is poor and I think it detracts from learning the sounds and words.

    I would recommend strongly to anyone who had Dyslexia children that they receive a development eye exam and the eye theory if the doctor makes that suggestion. No many eye doctors provide eye theory but is worth the money.