Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An Important Science Resource

Every Catholic homeschool must have a book entitled 1000 Years of Catholic Scientists. It is to be used as a resource for all science classes. Our classroom is better off having this book. I have found that for the study of science we have had a hard time finding a text that is challenging enough, while still being interesting. If it meets both of those standards it is often written in a secular manner or sometimes if it is written by certain Christian groups it might even be anti-Catholic.

I want my children, my students to grow to appreciate their faith and the world that our Creator has given them. Our wonderful Roman Catholic Church has too often been given a bad name in regards to science. When one looks closely the truth can be seen. Often the Catholic church has worked to pursue the study of all sciences. Understanding God's creation is understanding Him.

Unfortunately as those that had issues with the church for various reasons began to write the text books found much of the truth was distorted or lost. I found that as we studied science I was longing for a reference to help me balance the truth with what was reported in the text. I was so happy when I found this thin book. I am so thankful to have this. We pull it out as we use all other science text.

I have so enjoyed learning from this book. I am most thankful to the author. If you are a Catholic Homeschooling family and you want to be able to study science with a resource that will help you find the truth about many of the worlds most famous scientist then you must have this resource in your home library.

Here is the description of the book from the site that sells this valuable resource.

1000 Years of Catholic Scientists new edition
Did someone say that good Catholics can't be good scientists? Never have been, never will be? Have they heard of Pasteur? Of Lavoisier? Of the Ampere whose name is abbreviated on most of the electrical appliances in your house? Using the Catholic Encyclopedia, now on line, along with her personal background in science and a network of other resources, Jane Meyerhofer has composed this list of nearly 200 eminent Catholic scientists since the tenth century. Find them in every century, in every field of endeavor. In the new edition, scientists are listed chronologically, with an alphabetic index. This is much easier to use, and -- though it is intended as a reference book, the list actually makes a very interesting read, straight through. Mrs. Meyerhofer is a homeschooling Mother of four (so far) and did all this between the peanut butter and lullabies. It is a great work of intelligent love.

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