Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New School Motto

It is so important to plant an idea in your head of what your goals for your children will be. Years ago we decided that the family motto was: "Heaven is our goal, everything else is just gravy!" Having those words in the back of our minds has helped us through many difficult situations. When a decision needs to be made we resort back to the family motto. I know it isn't pretty and we always planned to reword it but for now it is what it is. The kids all know that Heaven is the goal!

One Sunday during Mass sometime in December of 2008 I was inspired to write something down. I don't know where it came from but the words formed in my mind as I grabbed a pen and scripted it onto some scrap paper in the pew. I don't recall why I wrote it or even doing it. So flash forward an entire year and a month and as I was cleaning off my desk tonight I ran into that little piece of paper. I recognized my handwriting and vaguely remembering writing it down. (So glad I did.) I now know what it is and I like it. Our school motto is a little more formal now. I can’t wait to add it onto Diplomas and transcripts. I love it, it fits us. I think it was a gift from Heaven itself.

Pray about this and pick one for your family and a different one for your home school. It is very good to have a motto or slogan that can rally the troops. So what do you think? I love this one, it really does fit our home school.

Our Home School Motto

Where the path to Heaven
meets Scholastic Excellence,
all mixed together with Love of Family.

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