Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Phonics Practice

I got something the other day that was cheap but very helpful. I purchased some inexpensive write on/wipe off boards. Individual boards for each child. New concept for us but very old school when you think about it. Schools of early America had personal slates for the students to write on. I can't believe that this old idea added our "classroom" so much. I write this post to encourage you to find the cheap, simple solutions to every day problems. With our big family it is hard to allow every body board time yet practicing writing on a board can be very helpful. It is also a fast way to test phonic comprehension, site word study, and spelling words. We even played hangman tonight. Pickle tried to stump me with his site words. He is really learning here with such a simple cheap tool. When your kiddos need something more or you need to change the school room, don't panic. Take your time to evaluate what you really need. It might be a much cheaper and more simple answer than you might think. I spent $4 per board with the knowledge that we will need more pens soon. The expense was minimal compared to the exciting results.

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