Friday, August 5, 2011


The 2011 Texas Home School Coalition Southwest Convention and Family Conference was held last weekend. I joined the group to help with any legal issues that might arise someday in regards to homeschooling and to support the political actions to keep and this option legal. THSC is a great organization.
This is so what I needed. I have only attended the Catholic Conferences in the past. This year it wasn't in the cards, Possible had surgery on her arm that weekend. I wanted to hear one of the speakers and look around the exhibit haul.
I am amazed at how many people attended. This group ran tracks for moms, dads, teens, little ones, and everyone else that might be involved in a home school family.
The exhibit haul was full of vendors. I was overwhelmed by all the material available. When I started 15 years ago it wasn't that easy to find exciting material to use. I love all of the choices and support that is out there now. I was not a pioneer but an early settler.
It is always rejuvenating to be surrounded by like minded people. I was soaking in the advice and prayers. Then, to my joy, I ran into friends. This is just what I needed for my home school year. I can be on the right track now. The most important advice we can give each other to remember to revisit your reasons each year to help you stay on track.

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