Thursday, February 12, 2009

Do your children enjoy learning?

Learning is very natural. I do not know if I would say enjoy because it is just a part of our daily life. My children are curious about everything. When they want more information on a topic they find it. They have learned to see their passions in everything.

Our oldest son struggles with reading and yet loves to learn about history. He also loves cameras, picture taking, computers and being creative. While watching a history show about an Egyptian pyramid he commented that he was enjoying the show. He seamed a little too interested. I had not known that he like Egyptian history that much. I asked why he liked this so much. At the next commercial break he explained.

He saw his passions of history and of filming put together. He said that he would love to know history and filming enough to get to be the person that films those types of shows. He understood that to be in a pyramid he would need to understand history so as not stand in the wrong place. He would have to know where the camera had to film. He would also need to know quit a bit about filming so that moments of discovery would not be lost. You can't reopen a tomb if your filming was bad.

These kinds of things show me that my children are learning all the time. They have learned how to learn. I didn't need to point out all careers involved in the show we watched. My son thought that one through on his own. He wasn't wanting to be the host, he wants to be the camera man. He was looking at the entire picture not just what was in front of him. He was thinking and that is what real learning is all about.

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