Thursday, February 12, 2009

If your children were offered a Catholic School education for free would you send your children?

We have had offers over the years and have always said no. The cost of a good Catholic school is not the reason we homeschool. As our oldest grew the schools wanted her on their teams and in their classrooms. She would have made them look good. The offers were never ones that would be better for our children just better for the schools.

Extended family tried to get the kids in school that way. One family member had someone from the parish approach us and offer to pay for the children’s education at the parish school. I suspect family was behind that first offer and that they would really have been paying. At first we were a littel temped but then that same year the new principal banned rosaries from the campus. (Hello Catholic School here!) She thought they were too much of a distraction for the students and forbad them. No rosary was allowed in the pocket or anything. If she saw it, the child would be punished. I knew then that there was no way our children would ever spend time in that building. Later that principal was fired but I have always wondered if any children have lost their faith because of her years.

In all honesty no one cares about my children as much and their father and I do. We are the only ones that will answer to God for them. No teacher will ever care for them that much. Unless of illness, death or some other extreme situation we will never put them in school, at least I have yet to see one that can measure up.

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