Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Time Line Template Coming Soon

I have had many discussions with friends about how to teach History in a way that brings it alive and ties everything together. I keep Math separate but almost everything else can be taught with the aid of a time line. Our approach is to use it as the base for most other studies. We put everything into ours and love using it.

I like what we have but have wanted to improve it for years. Pooker is done but even Moogie wants to revamp as we have gone in and out of using ours. I first made our time lines about 10 years ago. Now with the use of better computers I want to update and make it a tad more appealing to the eyes.

I will soon add a link so that you can print your own copies. I will also add a history of how we developed it and how we use it. I will give complete instructions with some tips. This is in the works and will be up by mid-month (Feb 15Th) at the very latest. I just wanted you all to know that I have not forgotten it and that I am working on it now.

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