Thursday, February 19, 2009

Timeline update

I really had hoped to reach my goal of having it available by last weekend. I have run into a huge problem. The program I used to create the pages is not compatible with the program I plan to use to share these pages free of charge to you. I have the time line ready to go except that it is taking time to convert each page into the correct format so that I can then upload them. I am sorry that this is taking me more time that I planned. I will be out of town this weekend but by the end of the month I should have it finished. I am so sorry for the delay. My own children are now pushing as they want to restart, cleaner looking time lines.

1 comment:

  1. I look forward to reading about how you make your timelines. This is the one thing that I fail to keep up with every year. Honestly, we didn't even start ours this year. Next year I will have two girls using timelines and I am determined to make it work and last. So, I would love to hear how you do it. What is your system??

    Do you do it on your own or do you use a software. I have Homeschool in the Woods and hope to try it (again) next year.