Thursday, February 12, 2009

When will you put them in school?

I am often amazed when a family member will comment over and over again about how well behaved my children are.
You are such a wonderful mother! They are such great kids. You have done such a
great job. They are so well behaved in a restaurant. They are so good at church!
How do you teach them how to talk to people? They act so mature and yet still
have so much fun. How do you teach that?

Then I always get that next question,
When do you think you will put them into school?
I hate that question because it is already implying that we are failing. This is what I hear when they ask that question.
When will you just admit this isn't working? When will you love your children
enough to do what is best for them? When you let go of the fantasy of
homeschooling because we are tired of being embarrassed to say that you Homeschool the children!

HELLO, maybe they are so great because they have never been in school.
Did you ever think of that!?!??!

Am I the only one that can see that?

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