Thursday, February 12, 2009

Do your children interact with children from all age groups better than most children their age?

It seams that no matter where we go our children are sought out. Other children love to be around them. I think that has to do with the fact that they are friends with children from all ages. They have never known age as a boundary like children in school do. They can talk to adults and babies alike.

I got an email today from a gentleman in the neighborhood and the parish we just switched out of. He emailed asking why he hadn’t seen us. I replied that we left the parish. He quickly emailed back explaining that he had wanted to talk to dad and I about our children. A few of our children had done him a favor the summer before. We had helped his family move some boxes. The man said that he was very impressed with our children.

This neighbor said that he and his wife still discuss how articulate and fun these young people were to interact with that afternoon. He commented that he had never seen such young people act so mature when needed. He also pointed out that they were also able to play with his children at the same time. He had been thinking about and after six months still felt compelled to point it out.

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